A Brief Ashley Madison Review

January 18, 2023 admin_DfDsBD

Ashley Madison is one of the world’s best dating sites, and it is famous for its strict verification policy and safety measures. When online dating is being discussed, there are some sites where people can be very sure of getting what they want. One of these sites is Ashley Madison.

Online dating has dominated the internet for years due to the rising number of people who want to find love online. Online love is easy, fast, and affordable. Moreover, it’s a great way to learn new things and explore many sexual fantasies. Ashley Madison is one of the few sites on the internet that really cares about its members. The safety and well-being of the members are a priority for the site’s team, and this is evident in the many positive reviews of the site online. The site is a dating site and a place to look for hookups, casual sex, a one-night stand, or platonic friendships. Whatever you want in terms of online dating is on the site once you know the right places to look.

Online dating on Ashley Madison is a legitimate way of meeting great people worldwide, which is why many people are interested in it. With just some standard information, online dating can match you with a partner within minutes if you can successfully find someone who matches your preferences and share the same ideas with you.

Ashley Madison covers almost all aspects of online dating and accepts people of all sexual orientations. There are thousands of online dating sites on the internet, but to make it very easy for you to find one of the best, here’s a review of AshleyMadison.com, one of the most trusted and excellent dating sites.

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Overall Rating – 4.5/5

Ashley Madison dating site has a positive reputation for being one of the most excellent and well-designed dating sites online. The site’s fantastic service has earned them thousands of positive reviews from across the world, both online and offline.

When it comes to satisfying customers, Ashley Madison has an excellent reputation for services well-rendered. They feature amazing profiles, quality site features, and many people of different races and cultures to make the user experience fun. On AshleyMadison.com, customer service is fast and excellent. You should expect nothing but swift response to your complaints, questions, and suggestions.

Pros and Cons

Every dating site has its pros and cons. These advantages and disadvantages give prospective members an insight into what they should expect. The beauty of Ashley Madison is that the pros far outweigh the cons. Besides, over the years, the site has worked consistently to eliminate all the cons through additional efforts and creativity.

Below are the pros and cons of AshleyMadison



Ashley Madison Usability

Ashley Madison is open to anyone who is 18 years and above. The site is mainly visited by people who want to find a true soulmate online. The number of people on the site who are looking for true love is the majority.

Adults who are looking for a younger partner also use the site a lot. Sugar mommas go there to look for cubs while the younger men go there to find a sweet cougar. Ashley Madison is open to everyone of any sexual orientation. Married people may also go there to look for someone they can spend quality time with.

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Ashley Madison App

The dating site has a well-developed mobile app on both android and iOS platforms. This mobile app is one of the best, and it allows you to chat on the go without missing out on any web features.

About Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison, also known as The Ashley Madison Agency, is a Canadian online dating service and social networking service founded in 2002 and marketed to Europeans, most especially people who are married or in relationships.

It was founded by Darren J. Morgenstern, with the slogan “Life is short. Have an affair”. The site got its name from two popular female names in North America, “Ashley” and “Madison.”

The site has served as one of the very few options for Europeans to find true love on the internet. The Ashley Madison site features a large number of features that are specially created for married people. As mentioned earlier, it’s a place to find genuine love and affection. Over the years, Ashley Madison has established itself as a reliable and professional dating website whose main aim is customer satisfaction.

Key Features of AshleyMadison.com

The key features of Ashley Madison are exceptional and well-developed. The site takes pride in using state-of-the-art features and ensuring customers are very satisfied with the service. Some of Ashley Madison’s key features are the major reasons why many users opt for the site. Below are some of these unique key features.

Is Ashley Madison Free?

Ashley Madison requires financial payments to function effectively for you. Unless you buy one of the packages available on the site, you won’t be able to send messages, break the ice or verify your profile. Although Ashley Madison is a paid site, it’s one of the most affordable dating sites on the internet.

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Cost / Prices & Plans

The subscription plan on Ashley Madison is different from other regular dating sites. Here, you will purchase credits that will be used to do many things on the site. There are three plans for users on the site, namely;

The Basic plan is the lowest, and it costs $58.45 every month (58 cents/credit). The Basic plan is followed by the Classic plan, which costs $177.73 per month (36 cents/credit). The last and most expensive plan is the Elite plan which costs $297 every 30 days (30 cents/credit). The basic plan gives you 100 credits and the option to strike up a conversation. The Classic plan gives 500 credits and the option to strike up to 62 conversations. Those who select the Elite plan receive 1000 credits, the option to start 125 conversations, and Highlight their profiles for 30 days.

The plan you pay for determines the benefits or the features you will enjoy.

How Does Ashley Madison Work?

One of the qualities of a good dating site is the ease with which people can sign up or register. The registration process on Ashley Madison is straightforward. You are expected to fill in your username, password, location, zip/postal code. After this page, you’ll be advised to upload a picture onto the dating site. Profiles with pictures get more attention than profiles without pictures. You can decide to upload a picture or do it later, depending on what you want. Once you are past that stage, you’ll be taken to a page where you’ll be asked to write a few words about yourself, create a unique greeting, indicate your height and weight, and what you are looking for on the dating website. When you are done with all of these, you’ll be sent to the homepage, where you’ll be able to discover new faces.

For registered members, the Ashley Madison login page is available to you as soon as you open the site. Every registered member has a unique profile number that is used for security purposes.

Search & Profile Quality

One of the perks of using Ashley Madison is that you’ll always find great profiles with quality pictures. The search button, which is named under Filters, also gives you an edge when looking for a potential match. You can find people who are close to you or far away from you through the search button. You can also search for a match based on location, height, weight, etc.

Safety & Security

One of the safest dating sites you can use is Ashley Madison. After the unfortunate hacking incident that happened in 2015, the site has revamped and renovated its security. In July 2016, the newly appointed CEO of the company Rob Segal and newly appointed President James Millership told Reuters that the company had removed all the bots on the site by late 2015. Segal shared an independent report by EY (Ernst & Young), which verified the phase-out. EY’s later report in 2017 showed that the bot program had been decommissioned in 2015, and EY found no evidence that the bot programs had been reinstated. This information shows that you can rest assured that you would be meeting genuine people on the dating website.

Help & Support

You can easily get help and support on Ashley Madison by contacting customer support. The site’s team has developed a customer care service that’s meant to answer your questions and attend to your complaints. The customer service can be reached through the following channels:

Toll-Free Number:

You can reach their email through www.ashleymadison.com or write a letter to Ruby Inc, PO Box 67027, Toronto, Ontario, M4P 1E4, Canada.

Similar Sites / Alternatives

Although AshleyMadison.com is a highly recommended site, you might still want to check out similar or alternative dating sites. Below are some of the sites similar to:



When it comes to finding a soulmate online, things can be tough, especially when you don’t know where to look. The beauty of reading online reviews is to know which dating site is perfect for you. On Ashley Madison, it doesn’t matter if you want a hookup, casual sex, or true love, you’ll most certainly find what you are looking for. The site’s reputation as one of the best doesn’t seem to be reduced because the site’s team works tirelessly every day to update the site and give you more things to enjoy.


Can I Delete My Ashley Madison Account?

Yes, you can easily delete your Ashley Madison account whenever you feel like it. Visit the Account section in your settings, and you’ll see the option to delete your account. Once your account is deleted, your subscription will be automatically canceled.

Is Ashley Madison Free?

AshleyMadison.com is a premium dating website that has successfully gained positive reputations online and offline for how good it is. When you pay for premium services, you receive good value for your money.

How Do I Pay For a Premium Subscription?

New and old members can subscribe through credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Paysafecard, Maestro, Skrill, American Express).

Is Ashley Madison Real?

Yes, Ashley Madison is a genuine dating website that gives you the best chance at finding a soulmate online.

Is Ashley Madison Legit?

With the hundred reviews online, the authenticity of Ashley Madison has always been rock-solid. It’s arguably one of the few dating websites where people are sure of meeting real people. The site’s legitimacy is at a high percentage, and once you register, you’ll find out that the site is a great place to be.

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