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Scientists dealing with the issues of a woman’s same-sex love for a woman distinguish some of the following factors: lesbian ladies can present relationships with the fair sex, sexual relations, and choose a lesbian woman as a life partner. Now the best lesbian dating apps are very popular. In the modern world, one cannot do without the Internet. You can find a gorgeous lesbian lady thanks to the handy lesbains apps with the best terms of use.

If we return to lesbian dating and its features, then the excessive content of testosterone in the blood in a woman reveals some character traits. They are inherent in the stronger sex. It can be easy for such ladies to build love relationships with other women. In homosexual relationships, they assume male functions, positioning themselves as a “husband”. Scientists believe that the craving for lesbianism is inherent in every woman.

Every year the sphere of lesbian online dating has undergone qualitative changes and adjusted to users. This can be observed by the emergence of new services, updates, and new functions in the best lesbian apps.

Initially, a section of the site was allocated to online dating. Then, special lesbian portals began to appear. They were dedicated only to the topic of dating. Finally, due to the active transition of the audience to smartphones and tablets, lesbian apps in the mobile version were developed. Detecting experts note that by the end of 2018 the share of mobile applications was about 55-60%. This confirms the convenience of apps to meet lesbians.

Why is the app for lesbians so convenient?

Lesbian Dating App to Choose From


Open is one of the best lesbian apps. This is a great app for non-monogamous singles focused on inclusiveness, despite relationship status, orientation, and identity. This is regardless of whether you are lesbian or bi, or simply fond of women. Open is a lesbian meeting app with favorable terms of use.

Open is purely about creating a space in which everyone can express themselves by creating a respectful and open environment. Open is an adult platform that improves lesbian society through research that protects and strengthens vulnerable groups.

This app is among dating apps for lesbians and not only for open relationships. It is also created for adult people with a broad outlook, the ability to include as many identifiers of your gender and sexual orientation to your liking. Adult user profiles can also indicate what they are looking for including kink, different relationship structures, and different activities in the sex community. You can use it yourself or create a joint profile with your favorite partner.


Fem was ranked as number one among good lesbian dating apps. It can be downloaded from the App Store if you are targeting lesbian dating searches. The handy flipping feature of sexy candidates has become very common since the launch of its similar lesbian Tinder app. Either way, Fem is the leading application among the best free lesbian dating apps.


What’s more, Fem is handy because it adds video profiles to the scrolling function. It allows all adult members to share their sex lives and experiences. Videos are more realistic and engaging than open-ended photography. This great feature makes Fem unique and more than perfect. You may only know a few members due to the simple registration steps. Video profiles improve the dating experience.

Lesbians need people who can share their relationships, lifestyles, and sexual experiences. Thus, the video can meet this need. In terms of experience, the chat is fast enough. Also, consider adding some new feature that allows lesbians to share their experiences during an active conversation. Fem is a lesbian dating video app worth trying today!


Tinder is another best lesbian dating app that has added a new unique feature. This feature allows potential users to choose up to three terms to describe sexual orientation. This is better than just saying that you are seeking a specific woman. These sexy terms can appear on your profile and can also be used to test your chosen matches. Tinder lesbian app includes over 30 terms that you can choose to describe your gender identity.

Tinder has some nuances but is still the top adult dating app. Its name is mostly synonymous with online sex dating. If you want to play a game with numbers, then Tinder is the best place to do it. It is famous with a huge number of users from all over the world. You just have to flip through a few male candidates to get to your cherished lady.


OkCupid is the best dating app for lesbians that’s almost 20 years old. It is trendy and well-informed, yet retains a more serious vibe than the lesbian Tinder app. OkCupid is a glorious online adult dating that has consistently been the leader in international online dating. In 2014, OkCupid began to offer more than 22 gender options and 13 orientation options. By 2020, all potential users became able to choose their matches. The commitment to inclusiveness and social justice is also evident with the introduction of badges of existing profiles.

The 2017 redesign of OkCupid did not result in a graphic designer of clearly millennial origin. For young single people, personal politics is not just “okay if we agree, it’s great” when seeking a lesbian. OkCupid members can select out people they don’t deem worthy by responding to inappropriate deal terms about such things.

OkCupid ties are strengthened by an algorithm that selects the best options based on how both parties have answered the questions during the registration process. There are questions about communication and relationships, A compatibility score considers details on what you disagree with are useful additions when it comes to determining what the differences are.


Lex is a dating app for lesbians. Users are happy with this sex app. Its mass audience is the attractive lesbians throughout the world. Lex is a handy application with built-in chat functions. Its members find each other posting ads about who they are searching for in terms of a lesbian or non-binding relationship. Ads called “personal ads” give users the opportunity to show their wits and be pretty damn straightforward.


Dating can be pretty agitated but it’s all about a certain feature: you can’t take photos including selfies. Users can optionally link their Instagram account. Lex is a text-based lesbian application that brings queer lovers and friends together. Modeled after Lex accepts old personal ads, in particular, lesbian announcements from the women’s erotic magazine. Lex profiles include detailed biographies that emphasize the personality and interests of people besides their photographs.


As its user base grows, HER expands your outlook beyond lesbians you are already familiar with. In 2019, HER updated its profiles to allow users to be more creative in categories such as gender, sexuality, dietary preferences (e.g. veganism), and zodiac signs. Categories of gender provide a more comprehensive understanding of your identity.

You can show your sense of humor or describe the kind of relationship you want in a traditional text bio. While joining some niche groups such as “recent arrivals” and “travelers” can connect you with members using the following sex app for the same reasons.

In addition to socializing, many of HER regulars are making friends and getting to know the queer community in a new city. The move to the community gives allowance to virtual hangouts with overconfident groups for gay women and women of interest, such as lesbian movies.


You can meet partners with the same perversions and hidden fantasies. You can freely advertise who you want to meet according to your biography. People who choose Feeld tend to be calm, respectful, and talk about sex quite calmly. They accept it as something necessary and natural in the daily life of an adult. Since the main thing in the application is sex more than two, people tend to be frank about their sexual intentions.

Lesbians don’t mind using a dating application to find threesome sex. They would simply prefer that annoying heterosexuals not participate in the search. Feeld is a great platform where lesbian couples experience non-hetero-non-monogamy firsthand. Feeld is a sex application is full of couples and singles, where you can find three, four, or any number of sexy candidates you want to have sex with. Feeld is the best free lesbian dating app focused on non-monogamous sex. Feeld is the first portal to have no annoying pop-up ads.


Pure is a sex-positive and safe space among lesbian and gay communities. Pure provides pretty cool communication and file-sharing functions that are inherent in the best modern communication application. Nudity can be shown to your favorite people, and files sent in messages can be saved. Pure is perfect not only with casual dating but sex entertainment.

Pure sex app will require your phone number to be sure of your identity. The application uses your geolocation and sends a sexy version of the chat request. Even a small user base can have search terms suggesting a variety of suitable matches.


Customizable icons can represent anything from looking for a serious relationship to dating your dream personality. The more you learn about them, the more pictures of them you will see. This not only lifts the mood and motivates them to find new sex adventures. Scissr also offers babes who agree to satisfy all your requests and needs.

Members rank anyone they match due to their dating potential. it is based on how well and fully the questionnaire is filled out. Don’t be afraid to write about your innermost desires. Scissr will help you find the person with the best qualities and identical looks. If someone exudes enthusiasm and a desire to communicate, Scissr will provide that person by your side.

Women seeking, a fun party or just a fun conversation with sexy like-minded people can try the Scissr hookup application. Those who want to achieve an unusual connection that goes beyond the usual can do it on Scissr.


PinkCupid is definitely both an application and site that focuses more on a qualitative rather than a quantitative approach. The number of members of this online portal is much less than that of other sex websites. Yet, they fill a niche in the online dating market.

While you won’t see as many members as you would on a regular site, every woman you meet will be a lesbian seeking the kind of relationship you desire too. You can easily find a lot more quality couples without looking at straight women and men who can’t seem to leave you alone and take the hint of being gay.

Before using PinkCupid, take a look at the control panel when you first log into your account. You will notice that the images are of fairly normal quality and the functionality is acceptable. The developers did this to make the users of this great sex community feel calm and confident.


When registering on one of the top lesbian apps, pay attention to the interface and terms of use of the online portal. If you settled on the application that cost you your soul, keep moving in the same direction! You will meet many anxious and affectionate lesbians on each of these portals. If your goal is casual sex and money-saving, then choose the best free dating apps from this decent list.


What Lesbian App is Considered High Quality But Free?

Among such applications, you can safely choose HER, Scissr, Lex, and Tinder. Depending on what you want to get, you can also order additional services for a fee.

How to Understand That a Real Person is Communicating With Me?

In most cases, all users are real. During the registration process, you must provide all the relevant data to verify your account.

How to Protect My Account From Fraud?

In no case, do not share personal information with third parties. It’s better to create a strong password as well to protect your account from fraudsters.

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