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January 18, 2023 admin_DfDsBD

The IWantBlacks is different from other similar platforms with its narrow positioning. There you can find numerous black singles: men or women. This feature makes the platform unique. If you are into black singles, this site gives you a huge choice. Because of it, the ability to find the person you will be comfortable with increases many times over. Only simple registration is required.

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Audience on IWantBlacks

When choosing an online dating site, it is important that the other users will be active. That is the way to find your perfect date. The community on IWantBlacks is very friendly and open to meeting someone new. About 150,000 active users weekly on this hookup site. Because of the big amount of people on this platform, you always have somebody to chat with. However, not only black people can find new meetings here. Those who are not black but love ones are very welcome. The site is also adapted for people with non-traditional orientation. During registration, there are 4 options to choose from: man looking for woman, woman looking for man, man looking for man, and woman looking for a woman. So, homosexual people are among the users as well.

IWantBlacks users are located all around the world, but mostly in the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Most of them are men – 70% to 30% of women. Most of the users on IWantBlacks are over 25 years old.


IWantBlacks is an online date site created for people who are looking for black singles. Over 1 million users on this platform are looking for love, sex, or communication. Right after the registration, you will be able to meet one of them. When buying a premium subscription, the site lets you search for additional parameters but not only. With a premium account, you will get another additional feature.

IWantBlacks is a platform that connects mainly black singles around the world. But there you may find people of other races as well. By indicating your approximate location, the system automatically shows your potential dates around.

The general view of the site is quite simple and minimalist. However, sometimes it takes a while to find particular settings or functions. Also, choose an “I am looking for…” section during registration attentively. You will only have one opportunity to choose at that particular moment. A notifications icon insight, and you always see if there are new messages from your matches. If necessary, you can quickly go to the edit page and change any details of your profile.

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Key Features

Features on IWantBlacks are pretty much similar to other sites of this type. Those are chatting, searching, and a match game. However, IWantBlacks has recognizable features. Here are some of them:

Free / Paid

IWantBlacks is free, but there is a possibility to upgrade your profile to premium for additional benefits. Some features are limited to free users. To see the full potential of the site, a subscription is needed.

When using the free version, the number of communication options is very poor. You are able to match with singles and send messages, but the number of them is restricted. Using a regular account, you do not have access to user’s information, so-called looking for info. And it is not possible to enlarge other users’ photos. Your search parameters will be limited as well. Sometimes problems might happen with any website. In such a case, you can contact the support service for premium accounts. Even so, when you have problems with a specific user, premium support will help much quicker.

So, if you want to feel more freedom, you are more than welcome for purchasing a premium version. Right after the registration, the system offers you some discounts.

Prices & Plans

Although the registration is free, you need to buy a premium subscription to remove all the limits described above. So, the prices on IWantBlacks are not low or very high. They are upper midfield in comparison to other similar dating sites.

If you are not sure, you can use a 3-day trial:

There are also promotional prices for new users. As you are a new user, you can get a 30% discount on any package:

IWantBlacks pricing

Registration on Website

In order to use the IWantBlacks, you have to become a member. The registration process is quite easy and does not take much time. The service does not offer registration via Google or Facebook, but still, it is quite easy. You need to fill out one form with the following information:

You do not need to worry about the last parameter, and the system will automatically input your city. But if it is not correct, you may do it manually by tagging a zip code or city.

After you make sure all the information is correct, click “Join now”. But still, there is one more step to complete the registration process. Your email address has to be verified. IWantBlacks send you a verification link or four-digit code. Click on the link in a letter you have got or input the code on the site page you will see. That is all for registration. Please note that, as with other dating sites, you must be at least 18 years old to sign up.

Search & Profile Quality

The interface of the site looks quite simple and spacious, but sometimes you may experience problems when looking for some functions. Sometimes IWantBlacks premium subscriptions may broaden functionality.

As for searching, right after registration, you are able to search the database in different ways. There are plenty of parameters in the search sector. On the main menu, there are basic search criteria such as age and location parameters. But in the additional menu are the following extended search filters:

Safety & Security: Is IWantBlacks Real?

While surfing dating sites, it is important to feel safe. There are many potential dangers, like someone can steal your data or simply write people with whom you do not want to communicate.

As it has been already saying, the IWantBlacks site offers different extra safety options. Without Safe Mode, you can be contacted by all users. In case you do not want to turn the safe mode on, the service offers you to read their security safe dating tips article.

The site is completely legit, so it uses SSL encryption. This type of encryption implies safer communication and privacy for website users. The site also monitors all user’s activity to ensure that members with their privacy policy and terms of use.

If you suspect another user is a scammer, you are able to block and report him or her to customer support. You can do it by visiting the page of the user you want to report. Then click the dots located in the upper right corner. Here you will see the “Report” button. Click on it and follow the instructions.

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Help & Support

As on the other similar sites, IWantBlacks has its helpful customer help and support service. In case you have any problems with your account, you should start with the help section. This is a section with answers to the most frequently asked questions. There you can find a variety of questions and answers. So, with almost 100 percent probability, you will find a solution to your problem there. If not, you can write to customer support service, which is available 24/7. They usually answer questions quickly.


Overall, the site is a good platform for people looking for black singles. More importantly, the service cares about its members’ security. But still, the site has some issues with interface and usability. A very poor functionality without a premium subscription is a disadvantage as well.

Alternatives to IWantBlacks

There are plenty of dating sites on the Internet. You can find a lot of them with similar features to IWantBlacks. If you want to experiment, you can try other sites:


Is IWantBlacks Legit?

Yes, the IWantBlacks website is completely legit, so you have no reasons to worry about it.

How to Become a Verified Member?

The IWantBlacks site strongly recommends all their members verify their account on security issues. It is not complicated. You need to call their operators by the number located on the site in the “Security” section. Your status will change to “verified” once your personality has been successfully verified. All users will see the “verified” tag on your profile, which can potentially increase your demand on the site.

Where to Find All the Members I’ve Liked?

You can find all the users you’ve liked in the "Like Gallery" section. There you will see the following filters: "Matches", "Who liked you", and "You liked".

Can I Cancel the Subscription?

The subscription on the IWantBlacks renew automatically, so if you want to cancel the subscription, do not forget to do it in time. And yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime.

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