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Plenty of Fish (POF) is one of the most popular adult sex hooking sites with a multi-million audience of registered users in 20 countries. POF was launched in 2003 by Markus Frind and is operated by Match Group, one of the most successful online dating companies. Plenty of Fish is designed for the widest possible audience between the ages of 25 and 35, but thanks to its huge membership base, you can easily find users in other age categories. Most of the users are residents of the USA, Australia, South Caucasus, Canada, and other English-speaking countries. Like other sites like Plenty of Fish, this great sex adult site offers fairly standard features: a user fills in a profile (photo, physical data, purpose of dating, preferences, personality test), and then the system’s algorithms are looking for people who might like him.

Plenty of Fish main page

At the same time, Plenty Of Fish sex adult application is free and positions itself as a social network for dating, in which most conversations take place. This is not surprising since sending and reading messages on POF is free (with a limit of 50 new acquaintances per day), unlike most other Plenty of Fish free alternatives. When new user signs up for the Plenty of Fish app, they are asked to provide basic information about themselves and a real photo. Then the system offers to pass two tests: Chemistry of feelings (73 questions) and Assessment of relationships (about 100 questions).

After the tests, the system offers to undergo training: how to get acquainted, behave on a date, etc. Based on people’s responses, the Plenty of Fish algorithm selects potential partners for each user based on common goals for dating, income level, hobbies, life goals, and other parameters. How exactly the algorithm works is a sealed mystery, but in general, it is a very traditional approach to matching.

Unlike most other Plenty of Fish alternatives, this great sex adult app puts messaging to the fore. Plenty Of Fish chat functionality inside the application is standard: text messages with the ability to add smiles, photos, images, videos, etc. The only innovation is the free dating live streams that the company has added due to the quarantine.

Sites Like Plenty Of Fish

Definitely, Plenty Of Fish is one of the leaders in the online dating industry, but it’s also worth noting that there are several other decent websites like Plenty Of Fish. On all free sites like Plenty Of Fish, the search for potential partners works with standard filter parameters – age, body type, ethnicity, and intentions. Also, the best adult sex sites have a great ability to search by the length of the longest relationship of your potential match, and you can also sort members by income level and location. Here is a list of 10 better than Plenty Of Fish sex sites when it comes to finding sex hooks on the net.


Tinder main page



Tinder is one of the most popular Plenty Of Fish type sites. It works quite easily. You log in, see a bunch of profiles in your area, and swipe your finger across the screen to match them to the ones you like. It is also popular, widely available and everyone knows about it. For registration, a Facebook account is used, which somewhat reduces the risk of meeting the wrong person at all, about whom the profile tells. The iOS app is stylishly implemented. Buttons, menus, and everything is few, but this has its own charm – you will not get confused.

Ashley Madison

AshleyMadison main page



Ashley Madison is another great Plenty Of Fish Ashley Madison alternative that works very similarly. It was created in 2001, and like Plenty Of Fish, it is still relevant today. This sex adult resource works very simply. You log in, look for members you like, and if you have mutual sympathy, then you set a date. It offers free messaging with other users if you match first, and it has a few other decent features. The subscription service is expensive but well worth it. By purchasing a paid subscription, you will get access to all the advanced functionality and other privileges. It’s also worth noting that the free version can still be used for casual connections.


Blendr main page



Blendr is one of the coolest sites similar to Plenty Of Fish over there. It matches you with profiles in your area, and then you pick the ones you like. If they answer your answer, you can chat with them for free. You have to pay to post to any random user, and this is pretty standard practice these days. It boasts a large user base, a simple user interface, and spam protection. To be honest, this is a pretty run-of-the-mill experience without too many surprises. It is pleasant to use the application without any unpleasant surprises.


Bumble main page



Bumble is another friend finder app with benefits. This one likes to shake things up a bit. In a heterosexual match, the woman initiates the chat first, and the man has up to 24 hours to reciprocate. Either side can be the first in a homosexual match. Bumble touts this feature as a method of weeding out creepy and aggressive people. You find profiles you like and then wait to see if they like you too. There are also friends and professional networking opportunities here.

Flirt main page



Flirt is one of the state-of-the-art websites like Plenty of Fish free. The profiles include name and age, photos of the user, common interests (from Facebook), a short signature “About me”, as well as information about the distance from your current location and the time of the last visit to Flirt. Thus, the application divides its users into serious dates and casual meetings instead of mixing them all together. It lets you send messages to people for free if you come across a match, like most others. Its profile takes some information from Facebook – name, age, and even pictures of the user.


Mixxxer main page



Mixxxer is one of the original Plenty of Fish similar sites. In the past, you would start messaging with friends of friends, and before realizing it, you would hang out and do funny things. Mixxxer is still good for meeting people, but there is now a separate dating app on the platform. As with other dating sites like Plenty of Fish, you set up your profile through the app or online and then compare it to singles in your area. It’s kind of weirdly different and similar at the same time, so if you’re looking for a worthwhile sex hookup site, then Mixxxer is a great option.


Grindr main page



Grindr is a great website similar to Plenty Of Fish that specializes in sex hookups for gay and bisexual men. Plenty Of Fish works for these people as well, but Grindr is made just for them. It’s pretty obvious how this works. You join the app, enter your preferences, and meet people in your area. You chat with them when the match happens. The free version is basic and functional. The Google Play rating is high, registration is free, the site has about 5 million registered members, so it is natural that Grindr was included in the list of the coolest Plenty Of Fish alternative sites.


FetLife main page



FetLife is a good free alternative to Plenty Of Fish for people who want more than their usual highs and lows. It caters to BDSM, fetal lifestyle, and horny crowds. There are two main ways to view profiles. You get the usual functions of swiping left or right or a scrolling list. You chat if you come up with someone. This one is a bit more open-minded than the others and can attract unwanted attention from people. Otherwise, it mostly works as intended.


Hinge main page



Hinge tries to accommodate this by claiming that this dating app is for those who no longer love dating apps. He abandons the mass comparison system in favor of the right decision the first time. You ask questions, receive questions, and meet people who not only seem good to you but also answer questions in a similar way. It also facilitates the exchange of phone numbers after the match so that you can have a text message conversation like normal people. It also allows you to set your location permanently, so it never changes.


Zoe app



Zoe is a lesbian dating app. It works mostly like Plenty Of Fish, except there are only women on the entire site. Other Plenty Of Fish alternatives; also maintain lesbian relationships, but Zoya is clearly a different experience. The application is very popular, so finding partners for sex hookups is as easy as shelling pears. In general, this is a decent choice, which is why Zoe is also on the list of top Plenty Of Fish peers.

Are Alternatives to Plenty Of Fish Trustworthy?

There is no doubt about that. All sex adult apps like Plenty Of Fish presented in this review are really Trustworthy. The basis of all the top adult platforms similar to Plenty Of Fish is the user interface, matching algorithm, and functionality for communication. Also, all the best analogs have mobile apps, are easy to use, safe, and legal.


In the conclusion of this review, it is worth noting that the success of Plenty of fish can be attributed to its operating time (launched in 2003), ease of use, continuous improvement and pushing users, to be honest: when registering, users are asked to immediately indicate the purpose of dating (finding a romantic partner, relationship for a night out or friendship), in addition, Plenty of fish is prohibited from posting photos with face filters that users consider “deceptive”. In addition, POF has adapted it to meet the needs of a specific target audience, which significantly distinguishes it from Plenty of fish competitors.


Is Plenty Of Fish a Hookup Site?

Whether it's a bond or a short-term relationship, this is the app for you. Plenty Of Fish caters to singles looking for sex hookups and other types of relationships. Most of the platform's users are between the ages of 20 and 30, so you'll have a better chance of finding someone to have a great time with.

Is Plenty Of Fish Really Free?

Creating a profile and using all the basic features like search filters and messaging is completely free. That's one of the things users love about Plenty Of Fish – if you don't want to pay for an upgrade, it's still a very useable, effective sex adult site.

Is Plenty Of Fish Still Popular in 2021?

Founded in 2003, is one of the pioneer dating sites that is still popular today. It claims to be the world's largest dating site, with millions of registered users globally.

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