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Taimi is a new approach to finding a soul mate. The service is focused on serious dating for guys. You will have a powerful search engine in your hands, the ability to select a partner of interest, a reliably secure chat, and many other functions, the main of which is to find the perfect match.

Taimi is aimed at a wide audience, so you will definitely find your type. The number of users is growing rapidly and has already exceeded half a million active profiles. Founder Alex Pasykov and the Taimi team have expressed a desire to fight homophobia around the world. Some studies mention that Taimi is one of the safest dating apps for LGBTQI + people. Taimi recently partnered with UNAIDS and the LGBT Foundation to Support Pioneering LGBTQ Research.

In a Nutshell / Short Summary

Taimi is aimed at a wide audience, so you will definitely find your type. The number of users is growing rapidly and has already exceeded half a million active profiles. The web matches internet users based on their chosen preferences and location. Taimi is created by Social Impact Inc. in Las Vegas in 2017 by an experienced development team, so the site supports multiple languages, has a lot of powerful features, and Taimi moderation is implemented at the highest level. Most of the users are from Europe, the USA, and Asia. Taimi is a dating app without borders. The app is available for Android and iOS, but if you prefer to meet on the big screen, a full-fledged website is at your service.

Installing and creating a profile takes no more than 2 minutes. Registration is possible via mail or social networks. Download the app, fill out your profile, add a photo (up to 30) and wait for a message from the handsome next door. Your chances of finding a cool acquaintance will increase if you upload a short video about yourself to your profile. Do you prefer dating without revealing your face? Use one of the dozens of stylish graphic main pics: just find the one that best suits your type.

Taimi main page

Score / Overall Rating – 9.0 / 10

Pros and Cons




Since Taimi is a niche platform for gays and bisexual men, the target audience for this adult site is gays, bisexual men. Most of the users are from the USA and Europe, but you can also easily find sexy men from other countries and continents here.

About / What Is Taimi?

Taimi is a social network that allows you to easily and safely meet new people, members of the LGTBQ + community. This app offers a respectful environment in which you can find people nearby who share your interests. Try this app, meet new people and make new friends all over the world.

When you download the app, just enter your information and indicate what interests you. You will then be able to watch profiles that match your preferences and that are looking for someone like you. Taimi allows people of any gender and sexual orientation to use the app. In addition, you can choose whether you are looking for friendship, chat, or date, and in addition, you can filter the profiles by age. Thanks to all these features, you will surely find the one you were looking for.

Taimi can be used in two different ways. First, you can view different profiles and reject them or mark them as eligible. If the other person also marks your profile as suitable, then you can start a conversation. Secondly, you can use Taimi like any other social network and share different moments, photos, subscribe to other users and comment on their posts, join different communities of thousands of people.

Taimi is a great way to meet new people, find friends and lovers in the LGTBQ + community. This app creates a safe and respectful environment where you can meet different people by sharing only your nickname. Meet new people who share your interests or who are nearby with the Taimi app.

Taimi features

Key Features

A unique feature of Taimi, designed to solve the problem of superficial dialogues in the spirit of “Hello, how are you” – Polls. By answering simple questions about life and relationships, it’s easy to see like-minded people in the app who share your views and values ​​on life. Answer matches are clearly displayed when viewing profiles, which allows you to recognize the person you want to write to.

A big plus of Taimi is the incoming message filter. No more unnecessary dialogue. Customize your filter and only receive messages from people who match your search criteria. Chat in the application is similar to popular instant messengers, simple and straightforward, with the ability to share photos. Not sure what to write to the guy you like? Use one of the dozens of chat phrases built into the app.

Free / Paid Options

As with most adult dating sites, Taimi offers both free and paid features. After the first Taimi login, all users get access to all basic free features such as viewing offers, sending messages, using the search engine, etc. If you want to get access to all the functionality of Taimi, then you have an excellent opportunity to upgrade your account to premium. The cost of the service varies with the duration of the subscription, the longer the subscription, the greater the savings.

Cost / Prices & Plans

Sign Up / Registration

Registration is simple. Unlike most similar platforms, registration here takes place by linking your Google account, thanks to which all users are real people.

Taimi premium version

Search & Profile Quality

A powerful search engine, detailed descriptions of profiles, polls, thanks to which you can find out the interlocutor before you write to him – all this, combined with a careful approach to the safety of users on the service, makes the application a unique opportunity to find the guy of your dreams.

Use the section “Likes”: here is the easiest way to get acquainted. Browse profiles of guys and like those you like. The guy you like will receive a notification about your like. If your sympathies coincide, write to him or send a virtual gift. Information about yourself in your profile can be specified in great detail.

In addition to the standard parameters of the role, height and weight, there are columns for education, attitude to religion, character, and hobbies, financial situation, or the presence of neighbors living with you. And this is only part of the list.

Safety & Security

When creating Taimi, the developers have paid great attention to protecting your data and privacy. A very perfect user verification system has been implemented. No more fakes! The moderation team quickly resolves any problems and promptly deletes profiles after user complaints. If you want to remain completely anonymous in the application, then in addition to the option to use a graphic avatar instead of your photo, the “Invisible” mode is available. When activated, you can only be seen by those to whom you wrote.

Help & Support

Taimi has its own 24/7 customer support. You can contact support by sending an email to Taimi’s address. You can also find answers to some frequently asked questions in the FAQ section.

Conclusion / Final Thoughts

Last but not least, Taimi is a cool niche gay dating platform that has won over a huge army of gay hookup fans. The site has many features, both free and paid. Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable and worthwhile web resource for gay hookups, Taimi is an excellent choice.

Taimi testimonials

Similar Sites / Alternatives


Grindr is a smartphone app that generates possible pairs based on the user’s location. In Tinder, to start dating, you need two potential partners to simultaneously “like” the friend of the friend (“swipe to the right”). Grindr allows any user to start communicating with any other user of the application nearby. The avatars of such users appear on the screen.

Grindr is actively used by millions of people worldwide. It is the largest “gay, bisexual and transgender online application.” Grindr is most commonly referred to as a casual dating app because men can date other men for casual sex, often anonymously and without any commitment.

Many believe that this app helps gays who are not yet ready to tell everyone about their orientation, as well as gays who are too young to visit traditional gay hangouts. Preliminary analysis has shown that men at Grindr use costly cues to show potential partners their physical fitness and healthy heredity. This sets them apart from Tinder users, who display more ostentatious extravagance in order to boast of wealth and the ability to take care of their families. At Grindr, rarely is anyone looking for a serious, long-term relationship. Above all, people want to show that they can be fun, enjoyable, and easy to have sex with without commitment.


In the US, this app is slightly inferior to Grindr. But Hornet has one “bonus” – it has the largest LGBTQ + news feed in the world. To build strength, Hornet bought, for example, the popular news site Unicorn Booty. These companies are now part of Hornet and renamed Hornet Stories. The Hornet team also included editors of the best LGBTQ + publications – Frontiers, Next, Tetu, Queerty, and others.

As a result, in 2017 alone, Hornet posted 31 million advertisements, sent 13 billion messages, and published 6,737 articles in seven languages. By comparison, The New York Times is currently published in only two languages. Hornet co-founder Sean Howell spoke about the app’s popularity and the future of social media.

Hornet builds a community on the internet where you can find and communicate with friends. We’re different from Tinder, which just shows us one profile after another. We have Hornet Places, and Hornet Stories covers the most important topics from the LGBT world every day and does so in seven languages. Their active users are gay men aged 18-34. However, the platform’s news content has a really wide audience – gay, heterosexual, and transgender.


Is Taimi a Hookup App?

Yes. Taimi is one of the biggest gay hookup apps ever. Despite the relatively young age of this hooking platform, thousands of gay and bisexual men visit this adult site every day in search of sex dates and other kinks.

Is Taimi Free?

Taimi is partially free. All basic features are free. Access to additional functionality is available to paid users.

Is Taimi Safe?

Without a doubt, Taimi is a safe LGBTQ app that has been in the online dating industry for four years, operated by Social Impact Inc., has earned an excellent reputation among both professionals and the gay community.

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