WantUBad Review: All You Need to Know About the Site

January 18, 2023 admin_DfDsBD

If you are single at the moment or agreed to try something new together with your partner, perhaps the first thing you will use is the Internet. No wonder, as nowadays it’s extremely easy to find literally anything with the help of the Internet, and casual sex is not an exception.

Sex sites are great places for people who want to find fun. As a rule, there are plenty of members eager to find the same, which makes it easy to find sex partners quickly. If you understand what sex dating sites are (perhaps you even tried some), you are just in the right place, as we are going to discuss WantUBad – a place where people find casual sex. If you are interested in whether WantUBad is good or bad, keep reading and get to know everything you need.

Overall Rating

WantUBad is a hookup platform aimed at helping people find sex partners in their areas. Understandably, when deciding whether to use a platform or not, it’s essential to get acquainted with the website’s characteristics and its rating. Here is the overall rating of WantUBad:

WantUBad main page

Pros and Cons

Every web platform offering casual sex opportunities has both positive and negative characteristics. Let’s have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the WantUBad website to be fully aware of what to expect.




The majority of people eager to find sex with the help of WantUBad.com are men 20-30 years old. Ladies are mostly 30-40. Nevertheless, it’s possible to find sex partners of other ages on the site.

The majority of WantUBad users are from the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia. Visitors from European countries are also present. Speaking about the marital status of users, the majority are singles. It’s actually great, as there are no boundaries. Website users will gladly agree to have one-night sex with a stranger or spend several unforgettable nights together. Another thing that should be mentioned is the following: people who use WantUBad are interested in sex only, which means they don’t want to have serious relationships or create a family.

WantUBad members


As you already know, WantUBad is used by fun-lovers eager to try something new. On such platforms, nobody blames each other for such a choice. Things all people are interested in are passion, satisfaction, and fulfilling sexual fantasies. Let’s have a more detailed look at the site.

Key Features

Among other ordinary features any sex dating platform offers, there are also several rather interesting ones. Those are the following:

  1. Safe Mode. It may not only be difficult to find a sex partner: it may be dangerous. If you don’t want fakes to contact you and want to secure your personal information, there is a safe mode for such purposes. If you utilize it, only real (verified) members will be able to contact you. There is also “Basic” mode, but “Safe” is much more reliable.
  2. Flirtcast. An opening line matters, as it helps to make other sex seekers get interested in you. There are several messages you can choose from to send to other people who interest you. Using this feature, you won’t have to spend hours preparing different messages for different people.
  3.  Guarantee of satisfaction. If you find WantUBad useless and can’t find a sex partner there, you will be given three-day free access to similar sex sites operated by Together Networks. What a generous offer, isn’t it?
  4. There are also dating pieces of advice on the site.

Free / Paid

Like other sex dating sites, WantUBad offers some basic functions free of charge, while the others are paid. So, if you want to utilize it for free, here are what will be offered to you:

If you are looking for something more than the free services offered, consider purchasing a premium membership. Here are what you’ll get for your money:

As you can see, it’s possible to use this sex platform without paying a penny, which is good.

WantUBad prices


Now, let’s get to know how much you’ll have to pay if decide to use a premium membership.

The prices are quite affordable, but you’d better consider all pros and cons before diving into this adventure.


Registration on WantUBad dating site will not take much time. First of all, you’ll have to indicate who you are and what your sexual preferences are. There are options for homosexual people, which is great.

After this, you have to specify your age. You must be at least eighteen to become a member of this community. The maximum age is seventy-eight. Having provided all of those, you’ll have to provide your e-mail and come up with a password. It’s also crucial to specify your location correctly for search results to be maximally useful.

That’s it! All you have to do is to check if the data you provided is correct. A code will be sent to your e-mail for registration confirmation. E-mail verification is an essential step without which you won’t be able to register.

Search & Profile Quality

Speaking about search, everything is quite simple, as basic filtering options are provided.

As for the profile quality, it’s not bad. Actually, it’s quite good. Every profile includes several sections. Those are:

Having a look at all those sections, you will get a detailed description of your potential sex partner. This makes the search process easier.

WantUBad search

Safety & Security

Safety is extremely important when looking for sex with the help of the Internet. There are basic safety measures you can take by yourself. Don’t add unnecessary and too personal information, don’t contact suspicious accounts. WantUBad also offers some measures aimed at safety. For example, unregistered people will not be able to contact you. Besides, no people under eighteen can enter the WantUBad site, which is actually good.

A bad thing is that there is no information available about safety protocols used on this sex site.

Help & Support

While using any Internet platform, even the most experienced users may face different problems. So, if you are not able to register for some reason, or cannot pay for a membership, or have some privacy issues, you can contact customer support of the site.

You can do it either using the company’s e-mail or via a phone call. The customer support service is available 24/7.


WantUBad is not the best option for those looking for sex on the Internet. There are many other sites offering better functions, more options, and more affordable prices. Nevertheless, if you want to give it a try, you are welcome! You can start from a free mode, so you won’t even have to spend money on it.


The Internet is full of sex dating sites anyone looking for sex can use. Here are several alternatives to WantUBad:

There are also many other reliable sites on the Internet. The only recommendation is not to dive into sex adventures immediately after you find a site looking good. Read at least several reviews to have a better understanding of what you are about to deal with.


Is WantUBad a Scam?

Nobody can give you a 100% guarantee you won't run into fake profiles. On WantUBad, they are present, that's the truth. But if you are careful enough and set the right settings, the possibility of meeting those will be minimized.

Is It Possible to Delete My Profile?

Yes, if you have decided not to use this sex site anymore, you can delete your profile for free. Besides, there is also a deactivation option for those who are not sure whether they want to delete an account completely.

Is It Possible to Use the Site via Mobile Phone?

Yes, it's possible. With the help of a mobile browser, you can open the site and do anything you want there. The mobile version is equally convenient. As for the mobile application, it's not available for now. But you can easily contact sexy hotties at any time in any place with the help of your mobile browser only.

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